[Review] – Winterspell

Heyyy guys! Happy Monday to everyone! Monday is my least favourite day of the week, because it officially signals the end of the weekend! I had a pretty fun but pretty exhausting weekend and now I can’t wait for our performance tomorrow! I am also very anxious about it too, but I’ll try to contain my anxiety and let excitement fill me instead! Today I … Continue reading [Review] – Winterspell

[Review] – The Summer We Believed

Heyyy people! How has your day been? Today is the last day of school and we are going to my little brother’s end of the school year party, but before doing that, I needed to pop in here and talk to you about the book I finished a while ago. It’s called “The Summer we Believed” and unfortunately, I cannot say that I liked it. … Continue reading [Review] – The Summer We Believed

Movie Reviews – S01E05

Heyyy people! Today has been the worst day ever! One of my college professor’s changed the examination procedure for her class last-minute, without consulting us and now all the work I did the past semester has gone to waste and I have to re-read again all the material to go take the exam… Someone just come kill me please…. On another note, I was not … Continue reading Movie Reviews – S01E05

[Review] – Phoenix

Heyyy people! How are you? Today I’m feeling kind of conflicted because I’ve never felt the urge to write a negative review before, but this particular book really infuriated me. There were moments when I wanted to throw my cell phone across the room and others when I wanted to DNF it, but I pushed through, because I’ve never DNFed a book before and I … Continue reading [Review] – Phoenix