Movie Reviews – S01E05

Heyyy people! Today has been the worst day ever! One of my college professor’s changed the examination procedure for her class last-minute, without consulting us and now all the work I did the past semester has gone to waste and I have to re-read again all the material to go take the exam… Someone just come kill me please…. On another note, I was not … Continue reading Movie Reviews – S01E05

[Review] – Phoenix

Heyyy people! How are you? Today I’m feeling kind of conflicted because I’ve never felt the urge to write a negative review before, but this particular book really infuriated me. There were moments when I wanted to throw my cell phone across the room and others when I wanted to DNF it, but I pushed through, because I’ve never DNFed a book before and I … Continue reading [Review] – Phoenix

[Review] – Courted By a Cowboy

Heyyy people! How have you been this glorious day? Hope you are feeling good and that you did a bit of reading for me too, since I haven’t been able to pick up my book in the past days! Today’s review is about a book called “Courted By a Cowboy” by Mindy Neff. Title: Courted By A Cowboy Author: Mindy Neff Genre: Romance, Fiction Rating: … Continue reading [Review] – Courted By a Cowboy

Movie Reviews – S01E03

Heyyy people! How has your week been? I have been so busy that past couple of days that I’m soo thankful it’s Saturday and I get to relax! Today, I’m going to go to a Street Food Festival my city organizes and I’m so excited, because I’m going to meet with friends and the weather is splendid! Also, you might notice that I’m posting this … Continue reading Movie Reviews – S01E03

[Review] – Netherfield Prep

Heyyy people! I hope you are having a nice Sunday! Today I had quite a lot to do, but apart from that, I really had fun! The book we are dealing with today is “Netherfield Prep” by author Elizabeth Stevens. It’s a “Pride and Prejudice” reimagining and if you know me, you know that i love anything related to Austen’s work! Title: Netherfield Prep Author: … Continue reading [Review] – Netherfield Prep