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Hello and happy Wednesday to all!
We have reached the middle of the week  and I am sooo ready for it to end, as it has been raining non stop for three days!
If you know me, you know I prefer every other type of weather from rain, so the past days have been clearly a struggle.
But, enough with that and let’s get going with the outfit!


The first piece is a military black jacket from Le3no, slightly cropped, with a zipper and small silver studs. I like that fact that it is not very long, because it stops right at the start of your pants, not covering them in an awkward way. Also, this jacket is the perfect option for fall outings.


Next, there is a burgundy high neck top from glamorous.com
I chose this mostly because of the colour, it’s no secret that I am a fan of burgundy and its shades, and I also liked the fact that it doesn’t have sleeves, as we are in this in between weather where it easily shifts from cold to hot. Lastly, the turtle neck is what gives the outfit it’s formality, as I am opting for a more formal/office look.


The pants are a pair of Acne Studios “Mili” grey pants, available on NetAPorter.com
They are wool blend pants with rich structure and have a wide and lengthy fit around your legs. You can also style them with a belt if you want, as if to give it a more posh look. I think they are the perfect pair for a day in the office, as they are very comfortable yet work appropriate.


For shoes, I went with a pair of Paul Green oxfords that you can buy on Amazon
Oxfords are the kind of shoes that should always be in your wardrobe, because of their timeless style and comfort. This particular pair is made from leather and has a big sole supporting the foot and making it easy for you to wear them for long hours.


The bag is a tote and I really could have not picked another style, as this kind of bag is very needed for a day in the office.
This one is a black tote bag from Zaful.com with a magnetic closure and drawstrings at the sides that help reduce its size. I chose it because it is very spacious and can hold everything you will need, while still looking stylish.


Going to accessories, we have a DKNY silver watch that you can buy on DKNY.com
This is another classic piece, like the shoes, and I believe it can be matched with a big variety of outfits. Instead of a bracelet or a leather strap, it has a silver mesh going around your wrist making it not only a useful watch, but also an accessory.


Concluding, we have a pair of Argento Vivo silver tree stud earrings from NordstromRack.com
I like them because they are small and subtle and are the kind of accessories that you would wear at work as they are not distracting or too much for that kind of environment.


Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope I have given you some new ideas about office looks!

Quote of the Day: “I have not failed: I just found 10.000 ways that won’t work – T. Edison”.

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