Outfit of Choice >> Tie the Crocodile

Hello and happy day, evening, or night!

Today I wanted to do an outfit post for you and I know it has to do with shorts, but just because summer has ended, it doesn’t mean that we should forget all about summer fashion!


The first thing is a t-shirt from Hollister in a washed pink colour, that I really like as it is easy to throw on when you are in a rush. What more, it has a lace up detailing on the neckline which is a feature that many clothed have lately. This particular one it’s not revealing or anything, it just adds a little bit to the t-shirt.
You can buy the t-shirt on Hollister.com


Next, there is a Joe Jeans “The Charlie” shorts. They are perfect for when the weather gets hotter and they go with pretty much everything, so I that these type of shorts is an essential part of your spring – summer clothing collection.


For shoes, I picked a pair of white sneakers from h&m.com
They are basic, without many details and other colours and I like them, because they go with the minimal look I am trying to give to the outfit. Also, white goes nice with jeans (at least, I really like it) and  with the washed out colour of the t-shirt.


The bag is from lamoda.co.uk and is a Venus vs Mars grey faux suede backpack. Everyone says that this will be this season’s hottest trend, so why not try it out?
I like the fact that it has numerous pockets to put your things, as there is a small pocket at the front and inside the main pocket there are other two pockets, which you can see in more detail if you click the link further up. 


Accessories wise, we have a pair of sterling silver star stud earrings from Berricle.com
They are small, cute, delicate earrings and that’s exactly why I like them!
Generally I adore delicate jewelry, as I think you don’t need big and colorful earrings to make a fashion statement. Of course, in some occasions bigger jewelry are perfect, but I mostly prefer itty-bitty jewelry on my everyday life.


Last but certainly not least, there is a white Lacoste watch, available on macys.com
I like watches a lot, actually I wear a watch every single day, as I feel very lost without a watch! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, as I know that a lot of people can be without a watch and have no problem, but I simply can’t!
I decided to add a watch in this outfit, as I thought a bracelet or a ring would be too much, but then again I didn’t want to only have the earrings, so I opted for a watch and eventually I liked the way it turned out!


So, this is the end of this outfit post, hope you enjoyed it and found it entertaining! 

Quote of the Day: “Live in such a way that when somebody spoke badly about you, no one would believe it”. 

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(shout out to Polyvore)


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