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How is yoyr week going? Today I wanted to do an outfit featuring a cute top with a knot on the front that I really liked.

Εικόνα 1.png

The first item is a t-shirt from Alexander Wang that has a pocket and a twist at the front. It has a round neck line and I find very comfortable and easy to wear. I especially liked the knot, because it makes it very nice when it is worn with high waisted jeans or skirts.
You can find it at Harrods.com


The next item is an olive green circle skirt with buttons in the front and has a strap around the waist that you can tie however you like. What draw me to the skirt first was the color as I thought it matched nicely the grey color of the t-shirt, and then as I examined the skirt closely, I found it is a good piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. Another feature I simply loved, is the fact that it has pockets and even if you don’t use them, my belief is that they make the outfit a lot cuter.


Regarding the shoes, I have picked a pair of women’s Jimmy Choo “Lucy” half d’ orsay flats that you can buy in nordstrom.com
I was looking for a pair of shoes to match the skirt and the top and the obvious choice seemed to be to pick a pair of shoes in black. But, I didn’t want to choose something that easy and I went with these burgundy flats that perfectly match the colors of the other two items.


Now moving on to the bag, which is a Pusheen crossbody bag with an adjastable strap. I like this bag so much and I have been meaning to put it in an outfit, but the opportunity never occured. In today’s outfit, I believe it gives a fun and girly twist to the look, even though it is kind of difficult to match with other outfits.


Going to jewelry, first off we have a Radiant “Teardrops” ring made from sterling silver. The item is available on emptycasket.co.uk

As you can see the bags dominant colour is silver and the t-shirt is grey, so I thought that it would be a right choice to go with silver accessories. I chose this ring because although it is not a statement accessory piece, it’s subtle elegance makes it very pretty and I also found the concept of teardrops as a detail very interesting.


Last but not least, we have a pair of silver cloud studd earrings that you can find on 1stdibs.com

They are small earrings, easy to match in everyday outfits. My main goal with these earrings was to match them with the “Teardrop” ring, as they are clouds who are raining down on us, hence this is where the teardrops come from.


This is today’s outfit, hope you liked and it would mean the world to me if you could follow my blog and write comments commenting on it or suggesting ideas.

Quote of the Day: “You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are – Amy Poehler”.

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(shout out to Polyvore)



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