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Hey guys and welcome back to my blog!

Today has been a hectic day, i had so many things to do but now, I am finally relaxing at home and decided to do an outfit post for you!


The first item is a white tee with a twist on tje front from New Look Teens. I really liked the way this top fits around the body, with the twist making it το more sturdy complimenting your waist. This is also the kind of top that you can wear with practically anything, from jeans to shorts to sweatpants.


Next, we see a light pink buttined skirt from h&m.com This skirt has been one of my favourites through autumn, as it is easy to mix and match and you can alwasy dress it up if you want. The two aspects i really like about it are the pockets on the sides and the silver buttons that go down the front. These kind of skirts have been quite a thing lately and I believe they are a statement piece in your wardrobe that you can get plenty use out of.


For shoes, I went with some black ballet flats from NewChic.com I believe they are available in a variety of colours, but i decided to pick the black ones, thinking that they go best with the outfit. This is they kind of shoe that everyone has, if not exactly the same, maybe something similar, because not only are they comfortable but they are also so versatile that you can put together different kinds of outfits without having to have a lor of pair of shoes.


The bag is an item I am pretty excited to talk about, as i thought it is so girly and cute. It’s a piece from Togemall, a black bag with pink flowers all over and a gold chain instead if a regular strap. You can wear it over your shoulder or across your body, and it is going to be not only stylish but also useful to holding all your personal belongings.


Moving on to accessories, we have a Jacquie Aiche gold bunny ring, available on Gilt.com I decided to go with gold accessories so that to match the chain of the bag and because I thought they actualky matched with the whole outfit. This ring is so cute as it has bunny ears popping up, with thay making it a piece jewelry out of the ordinary.


The earrings are a pair of Mateo gold triangle stud earrings that you can buy on Bloomingdales.com. Stud earrings are my preference most of the time as they are easy to throw on and make a subtle yet stylish accessory.


Last but not least, we have a rose gold Dorothy Perkings ball necklace. I thought that the top was quiet simple, despite the knot so I decided to add a necklace, to spice it up a little bit! Although, I was careful to chose a plain accessory, as I was trying not to overdo it.


Thank you so much for reading this post and if you are interested in you can also check out The Colours of the Sea, where I saw you a different way to style a similar skirt, or you can read Take Out where this cute knot top is featured again!

Quote of the Day: “But the most beautiful things is life aren’t things. They are people and places, memories and moments, smiles and laughter”.


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