Outfit of Choice >> Lights Out

Hello my friends! 

Are you having a nice morning, afternoon, night, or whatever??

I hope you are, but even if you are not, this outfit post will definitely help!

So today’s outfit is called “Lights Out” and the name was actually a spontaneous decision of mine, so don’t bother trying to figure out what it means!

Well, the first clothing item I am going to talk about is the absolutely beautiful Elizabeth and James “Vanessa” off the shoulder silk top, that is available on net-a-porter.com

This piece is made from ruffling layers of fluid silk in order to give a breezy feel to the outfit and also, can we just admire the cute pattern it has?

What more, at the top it has elastic so that it stays perfectly in its place and you want have to be afraid that it might slip and something might show when you don’t want to.

Next, we have a pair of skinny black jeans from MM6 that you can find on taylorboutique.co.nz

Actually, you can choose whatever pair of black jeans you want in order to create this outfit, I just decide to go with this particular pair.

I like the fact that they are skinny jeans, so they hug your legs perfectly, whereas the blouse on top, is more loose, and this makes a nice contrast between the two maajor pieces of the outfit.

As for shoes, I picked a pair of Ivory satin and glitter ballet flats in the color of white. I did not want to choose a pair of shoes in a more intense color, because it would take the focus off the top, which is the clothing item that I most wanted to showcase.

With that in mind, I chose these flats that also have a heart at the top to make them less simple, but subtle enough so not to outshine the blouse.

You can find them on frenchsole.com

The bag is one of my favourite items in this outfit post! 

It is a black Cesare Paciotti bag that you can buy on calzatureshoponline.com

The feature that I liked the most, is the silver dagger tht has on the front, as it makes the bag so edgy looking and I all I could do was just love it! The silver chain that we see connected to the dagger, goes all the way to the back og the purse.

Another thing is that the strap is not a chain, which is something that I mostly prefer my bags not to have, but that is just my opinion, you may like chains and that’s cool too. 

So, reaching the end, is time to talk about accesssories! 

First, I have a silver bracelet with wings on that is from the brand Jacy & Jools and you can find it on silkfred.com

I like it mostly because of the wings, as I thought it brought out the edgy-ness of the whole look. 

Also, it is a nice combination with the silver balls and the angels wings, and helps create a cute wing charm.

Last but not least, we have a pair of Georgini love knot silver earrings that you can buy on iceonline.com.au

Of course, we continue the silver pattern, as I do not really like to mix gold and silver accessories.

Moreover, I chose stud earrings, because I wanted to have the shoulders out and free and nothing to take the attention of the collarbone that is showing from the top.

Now we have reached the end of this post, and I hoe you liked it!

Leave me comments giving me your feedback!!If you want,you can also check out my latest outfit post, Flower Kid featuring a pair of embroidered jeans!

Quote of the day: “Style is the only way to speak for yourself without using words”.

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