Movie of the Week << Liberal Arts (2012)

Hello and happy Sunday to all!

I hope your week was a nice one and know while we are on the verge of another week starting, I believe it’s the best time to do a movie review and as you already know, this week’s movie is “Liberal Arts”.


Title: Liberal Arts

Release Date: 2012

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Starring: Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jeckins, Allison Janney

Director: Josh Radnor

Duration: 1h 37m


Summary:  Jesse Fischer (Josh Radnor) is 35 years old with a boring job and a somewhat lost passion for life. He takes up his former professor’s offer to come to Ohio and attend his retirement party, Little does he know that in this trip the spark inside him eill light again, as he meets Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen) who is a 19 year old student at the university there. Zibby has the same interests as him and provides comfort and a heart warming feeling. In this trip he also meets another former professor, a troubled boy called Dean that he can relate to most that he wants to and free-spirit Nat who changes he perspective on life. In the end, will Jesse find himsef or do harm to those he holds dear?


Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): First of all, I have to say that this movie was so refreshing and that it made me happy just to watch it. Being in uni myself, it seemed familiar, even though universities in Greece are a far cry ftom those in the USA. Nonetheless, I simple enjoyed it and when it ended, it left me genuinely smiling.


Elizabeth Olsen is a new find for me, as this is the second movie of hers that I am watching and I am liking her very much. She brings maturity to her movies and although she not a big child star or something like that, I think she is adequate enough to portray Zibby’s character. Zibby is quiet complicated, she in the moment of trying to discover herself while balancing love all the way. She is like most 19 year olds, she is still figuring out what to do with her life and has dreams for her future that maybe her parents don’t approve of. So, saying all that, I believe Olsen did a pretty good job handling this character and espesially the scene where Jesse rejects her when she wants to sleep with him, really made my heart sting.


Jesse on the other hand, is a character I was not sure what to think about. I understand that poor life choices may lead to you to a daily routine you simple despise, but you owe it to yourself to step out from it. Jesse did just that, but in an unconventional way in my opinion. He found solace in Zibby and her love made him a better person, even if it actually shattered her. His whole affair with Zibby was like a slap in the face, it totally woke him up and even though I was really fond of them together, I liked the fact that he realised how strange this was and that it could not have a happy ending, so he put an end to it as soon as he could.


Finally, I think this is a coming of age story for two so different yet so similar people. In the end both Zibby and Jesse realised that their short affair mostly benefited them. Zibby realised that she doesn’t have to grow so fast and should take everyday as it comes, and Jesse realised that even if you have grown there is always time for second chances. So, I totally recommend this movie to everyone who’s in for a sweet and touching movie.




Thank you so much for reading today’s post, hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more content to come!

Quote of the Day: “Learn to let go of thoughts that don’t set your mind forward”.

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