Outfit of Choice >> Flower Kid

Happy Monday to everyone!!

Monday’s are usually pretty full days for me, but today I decided that I should an outfit post and I can say I am pretty excited about it, especially about the jeans!



First of, we have a Miss Selfridge red V-neck jumper. I really liked the colour of this one, because it reminds me of autumn a lot. Also, this colour matches well with every skin tone and the fact that it is kind of body-con flatters your sillouette in the best way. The V-neck gives a nice glimpse of the colarbones which, in my opinion, can look quiet cute with a necklace between them and a low cut jumper like this one.


Now on to the exciting part! We have a pair of jeans from Citizents of Humanity that you can buy on IfChic.com

This is a Liya embroidered high rise pair of jeans that I was so drawn to, mostly because of the beautiful flower patterns. They are light washed and can be worn in many different ways and I believe are a bold pair of jeans that should be an interesting piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe and mix and match with.


Coming to shoes, I wanted to pair the top and jeans with something casual and comfortable, as I did not intend for this outfit to be on the formal side. So, I chose a pair of all white Adidas Superstar sneakers, that I am sure most of you are familiar with. They seemed to be the perfect choice with these clothes, and you know that they are the most versatile pair of shoes ever, you can practically wear them with anything!


The bag is a black backpack from Stella McCartney with some silver details on the front. It is faux suede with the trademark chain on the main pocket and it also has a small compartment on the front, in which you can store anything you like. I chose this backpack because the whole outfit gave off the vibe of something casual yet edgy. You can purchase this item on Ssense.com


Moving on to accessories, the first item is a pair of earrings from Wicary. They are small pearl earrings but what makes them a little more special is the cute cat ears on top that kind of seperate them from regular pearl earrings. You can find them on Amazon.com


Then, we have a necklace that I know is not very visible in the picture of the whole outfit. Nevertheless, the necklace is from Weathered Penny and has two chains connected by a bar in the middle. I thought it’d be nice to wear a necklace with this jumper, because it leaves a wide area of your upper chest bare, so I decided to fill it on a little. The necklace is available on Trouva.com


Last but not leaste, we have a watch from Longines that is silver and has a metallic bracelet instead of a leather band. I a not quiet sure if I prefer bracelets or leather bands, but on this case I simole adored the watch when I first saw it. I think it goes well with the whole look I am going for and what more, it can make a very sophisticated accessory on other occassions too. You can find it on Lord&Taylor.com


Thank you so much for reading today’s post and if you want you can check out my other post too, Lights Out

Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress, which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.

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