Outfit of Choice >> Lady Macbeth

Hello guys!

I hope you are enjoying your day, but I think that you should leave everything you are doing right now as I wan to show an outfit I am pretty excited about!

First, I have to say that it is on the expensive side, and I apologize about that, but I could not help it as I think every item is remarkably good and all together make an excellent look. Also, I’ve benn meaning to do an outfit post with some kind of velvet clothing, since they are in fashion lately, and now is the perfect time!

The first (and my favourite) piece is a Valentino velvet dress available on mytheresa.com

I was hooked to the dress from the first time I saw it and instantly knew it would make such a nice formal look. It has short sleeves and stops just right under your knee, while flowing effortlesly around your body. What caught my eye the most is the amazing colour that is a mix of bordeaux, balck and dark brown and I really like the feeling of medieval era it gives you.

Moving on to shoes, I thought that it’d be nice if I chose a pair of semi high heels, so I went with a pair of Gianvito Rossi “Mary Jane” pumps, available on Barneys.com

They are made out of suede and I liked this combination with the velvet fabric of the dress and also they are pointedto the front and tie up around your ankle, which i believe is a very nice and feminine feature.

The bag is a Charlotte Olympia one and you can buy it on mytheresa.com

It is a small clutch that has a little spider where it opens, which I think is very suitable for this outfit and the name I gave it. Nonetheless, it is a pretty nice clutch and I wanted it to be white to start making a move to lighter colours and as you can see, all the accessories are silver too. This is also the king of bag that you can easily carry with another outfit on another occasion, as it very easy to mix and match.

Accessory wise, we have a bracelet from sterling silver that has small zirkon beeds all around your arm. I decide to keep the accessories simple yet stylish and elegant, because the dress alone makes a statement and I did not want to overdo it.

Next, there is a pair of earrings from Nereid.com which I simple loved! I thought that it would be best if I didn’t throw on a necklace, so I went with these extremelly detailed earrings that have little diamonds shining all over it. They are studs which is an aspect I was going for, because long earrings just didn’t seem to make the cut with this dress.

Last but not leaste, we have a ring from Lord&Taylor.com that is made from white gold and is decorated with small diamonds as well as the earrings. I believe a statement piece of jewelry like that is what makes the outfit more edgy and gives it an essence of darkness and mystery. 

This is the end of today’s outfit post, hope you enjoyed it! You can also check out my newest post, Yellow Yellow!


 “I have seen beauty in people who were called ugly, and I have seen the devil in the most angelic faces – Conny Cernik”.

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