Outfit of Choice >> Yellow Yellow

Hello everyone!

I hope you had and amazing day! Today I decided to do an outfit post for you, a more laid back and casual one.




We start with a yellow hooded coat that is perfect for the autumn weather. You can easily put the hood on whenever it starts to drizzle without losing the fashionable essence of the outfit. I also liked the colour a lot, because I thought that in cold weather or in rain, it’s nice to wear some colourful clothes to cheer you up a bit, at least that’s what I do! The coat is available on SheIn.com


Next we see a grey bodicon short-sleeved sweater dress and I have to say I really love these dresses! This particular one has different shades of grey all over and reaches just above your knee. It is made form thick material and the colour really matches the coat, making your outfit more fun. You can buy the dress on Zaful.com


For shoes, I chose again a pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers, but these ones are a bit different. They have a shattered mirrors detail on the signature shell toe and I think it is a very nice and extraordinary detail that other sneakesr don’t have.


The bag is a black leather tote bag from the brand Sorel and I was debating weather I should chose one with a more vibrant colour or not. Finally, as you already understood, I chose a black bag because I wanted to be a little more basic. A tote bag is always a good idea, it holds everything you can possibly imagine and also makes you look cute holding it. You can buy it on Zappos.com


Moving on to accessories, I chose a pair of silver unicorn stud earrings. I liked them so much, so I had to include them in an outfit! Even thought they are small they can make a statement and can be worn in many other different ways. Available on Dogeared.com


Last but not least, we have a charm bracelet. It is actually a Rhinestone Tibetan silver beads bracelet and I think it is kind of a cheaper look-a-like of the Pandora charm bracelets. I think it goes nicely with the whole outfit and can be a statement piece of jewelry that everyone will admire. You can find it on NewChic.com




Thank you so much for reading today’s post and if you are interested in a more formal and intriguiging post, you can check out Lady Macbeth!


Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.


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