Outfit of Choice >> Flying High

Hello everybody!

Today has been a very exhausting day for me, I haven’t found time to relax untill this time and I decided that the best solution is to try and occupy my mind as much as possible, and this is why I decided to do an outfit post!

Εικόνα 1.png

The first item is an Isoble off the shoulder top with bell sleeves and what I really like about this is the colour,it is a light lavender shade that gives a very romantic essence to the whole outfit. The shape of the sleeves compliments your arms a lot, as it allows the to move freely inside the sleeves. Also, the fact that it is off the shoulder helps showcase your collarobones very much, and thsi is why I decided to leave it bare, without a necklace. You can buy the top on BooHoo.com


The pants are from a brand called Johanna Hope and are a pair of berry coloured wide leg pants. They are very fitting around the waist and as they go down your legs, they become more loose. The colour goes so nicely with the colour of the top and even though it a bold choice pairing this two colours together, I adored the way it turned out. What more, these pants can be matched with different kinds of tops and blazers to wear it anyhow you want. You can buy them at SimplyBe.com


The shoes are so adorable that I simply cannot describe how much I like them! They are a pair of Evangeline pump shoes by Sophia Webster in the colour of black. They seem like Hermes’ sandals, as they have wings with sparkling jems on the back. It is a very nice detail that elevates the whole look of the outfit. They also strap on the anlkle, which is another feature I like my shoes to have.


The bag is actually a clutch from Phase Eight, a Clara velvet clutch to be exact, with a jewell snap fastening that catches the eye immediately. I decided to pick a black clutch to go eith the shoes, as I didn’t want to add any more colours to the outfit. A clutch always comes in handy when going out to party or to a formal event, as it is stylish yet holds all your essentials.


Coming to the jewelry, I picked a pair of long bar dangle earrings that are sterling silver with a little diamond under the cuff. As I said previously, I did  not want to pick a necklace so I chose these dangling earrings that merely touch your shoulders and I think they are the perfect accessory to go with this outfit.


Lastly, we have a ring from the Enchanted Disney collection in silver. This is a very detailed ring with little diamonds decorated all over, forming a crown. This is a statement ring that will definitely draw attention to you, as it is a very elegan jewelry piece. Ther ing is available on FredMeyer.com


Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you liked it and stay tuned for more to come! In similar pattern you can read one of my oldest post called “In the Desert”.

These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb

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