Outfit of Choice >> In the Desert

Hello and a happy Wednesday to you all!

Today is an outfit post day, as you have already guessed from the title and in this post I will try and make things a little bit more formal, as I believe it’s been quiet a long time since I posted
an outfit like that.

The first item is a Chicwish Bravo black Wrap top that you can find on Chicwish.com
I really liked this top, because it hugs your figure perfectly and helps showcase your upper body and the fact that it reveals your shoulders makes you look even more elegant. 

The clothing item I am most excited about, is a brown tie waist wide leg cropped Palazzo pants that are available on withchic.com
As I said previously, the top is tight which I believe matches very well with these pants, which are loose and having a tight top makes a good contrast. What more, the colour is also remarkable, it is brown but not the regular shade of it, I think it is something mixed with a little yellow or orange perhaps, and that’s why I like it so much. 

Moving on to the shoes, we have a pair of Gianvito Rossi suede heeled sandals with ankle tie in the colour of black.
I chose a pair of black shoes, because I didn’t want to mix the colours too much and have a different colour shoes, different colour bag, top and so on. Another aspect I found nice is that they are posted and have a kind of, bow strap around your ankle. It is possible that the strap might not be visible, but if you sit, the lower part of the pants while lift a little so it will show as well.

As I said, i wanted to have another colour in the outfit and i decided that I would pick a white coloured bag, as i believed it was the best colour to mix with the colours that already existed. So, I came across a white Kitty Please Cat Face box clutch that you van find on gojane.com
I thought it was adorable and on the same time it didn’t make the outfit look less formal.

Accessories wise, I chose a pair of John Lewis long drop ball earrings, which combine gold and silver. I thought it would be very nice if the earrings were long and hung above your bare shoulders, giving showcasing the top even more. You can find them on johnlewis.com

Finally, I chose an Anne Klein boxed bracelet and bangle set that you can buy on nordstrom.com

I think it combines utility with beauty, as it has a watch and two bracelets. The bracelets are layered with tiny pearls, thus making the whole accessory look so sophisticated.

This is the end of this post, thank you so much for reading it and I would really appreciate it, if I could receive your feedback in the comments! You can also check out my newest post, called Flying High.

“My life is a cyclical nightmare of loving too quickly and saying it too late – B. Aruda”.


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