Movie of the Week << Very Good Girls (2013)

Heyyyy Guys!
How are you doing??
You know today is Sunday, and on this blog Sunday is movie day!
So without further a due, let me present to you the movie I chose, which is none other than “Very Good Girls”.

Title: Very Good Girls

Release Date: 2013

Genre: Drama

Director: Naomi Foner

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Boyd Holdbrook, Demi Moore

Duration: 1h 31m

Summary: Best friends Jerry (Elizabeth Olsen) and Lily (Dakota Fanning) decide to lose their virginity before college. That seems like am easy task until things start getting complicated when they fall for the same boy.
Spontaneous Jerry is the first to admit to Lily that she has feelings for David (Boyd Holdbrook), while Lily is struggling with her parents (almost) split up, the sexual harassment she endures from her boss and the growing feelings she has for the boy her best friend loves.
Will a boy be enough to separate the two friends?

Likes/Dislikes (containing spoilers): I like this movie a lot because it was so fast paced that you never got bored. One event followed the other and you saw the whole story beautifully being revealed in front of you.
Also, it is a nice summer movie, especially seeing how two girls transition from teenage to adult life, trying to cope with all the matters that concern them.

What I didn’t like was how Lily acted. I understand that it is possible for two friends to fall for the same guy, but Jerry was the first to say that she liked him. A true friend would back down and not just give in to him. Lily was like she has never met another boy in her whole life, and fell for David head over heels, lying to her best friend even!
I just could not understand this behavior and was more than relieved when in the end the two friends made up and left the boy out!


This was it about today’s movie! I would really recommend it to you, is the perfect summer movie to watch either alone, or with a friend!
Also, you can check out my review on “The Last of Robin Hood” starring Dakota Fanning and on “Liberal Arts” starring Elizabeth Olsen.

“Make your parents proud, your enemies jealous and yourself happy”.

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