Outfit of Choice >> Feeding the Seagulls

Hello my friends!

Today’s outfit is a little summer-y and a little fun and I can’t wait to start, so without further a due, here is Friday’s outfit choice!

Starting of with the top (which I have to say is my favourite piece in this whole outfit), we have a Mine Mine tank from the brand Gorman.
It has a baby blue color and all over there white Seagulls eating what seems to be like French fries. I find this to be a very interesting top and I know that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, although I like it very much and had been meaning to style it in an outfit post.
It also has a V-neck which a believe can be very flattering and it is loose around your body.

Next, we have a pair of Moschino Cheap and Chic cotton shorts in the colour of white.
These shorts are high waisted and have a scalloped trim around your waist and legs. I like the fact that they are high waisted, so that the top can be loose on top and maybe (if you want) you could tuck it in. They have a zipped closure at the bag and fake pockets at the front as a design.

For shoes, I picked a pair of champion Keds in the colour of yellow on order to match the French fries on the top. If you have worn Keds, you know how comfy they are and if not, I suggest you should try them out! They are canvas shoes with a lighter shade of yellow laces.

The bag is a small Gigi New York Maddison cross body bag with gold outlets and an adjustable strap. As an accessory it has a tassel on the side which makes the bag really cute and the size of it makes it easy to carry around.

The earrings are from Marc by Marc Jacobs and are rose rubberized studs, yellow of course! They are very subtle and small and I believe they make a nice accessory to wear with that kind of top, as you don’t want to overdo it when you are wearing a patterned blouse.

Lastly, there is an amazing spinning ring with a sunbird on, all silver. Again, it is another subtle accessory and I think it matches well the whole concept of the outfit, taking the bird theme to the next level.

This is the end of today’s post, thank you very much for reading, I hope you liked it and may it be a fashion inspiration for you!! You can also check out my newest outfit post The Heartbreaker if you want!

 “Happiness is not the absence of problems, is the ability to deal with them”.


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