Outfit of Choice >> The Heartbreaker

Hello loves!

Today I decided to do an outfit post for you that’s a little bit on the summer-y side, because it features a cute pink pair of shorts. I know that many of you might question that, but 1St I know that in many countries is not as cold as it is here and 2ND I think that outfits with shorts are so cute that I wanted to do one anyways! So, without further a due let’s get on with the outfit!


The first item is a light grey T-shirt by Tee & Cake that says “Heartbreaker” and the logo is actually embroidered which is something I really like, because it can simply elevate the outfit a whole lot! Also, I think it goes greatly with the pastel pink color of the shorts!


Next, there is a pair of shorts in paste pink from Current/Elliot that are a little bit distressed. Generally, I am not a big fan of coloured denim, I prefer the normal Jean colour, but this pair totally won me over. It can be paired with many tops and today I decided to bring together a more casual look.


Moving on to shoes, I chose a pair of white Converse, because they are very comfortable but also give a nice essence to the clothes. I chose the color white because it is more flexible and can be matched with many more outfits.


The bag is the item I am most excited about! It is a bag from Betsey Johnson that closely resembles a camera. I liked it a lot, because it is very elegant and playful at the same time. It has a storing compartment at the front and also the lense is supposed to open up to, in order for you to keep your change.


As for jewelry, I chose a pair of gold stud earrings from Valentino. I picked them because they have a unique style with pointed ends all around. I wanted studs, as I thought that longer earrings didn’t really match the whole style I am going for.


Lastly, we have an Alex and Ani charm bracelet in gold. Charm bracelets have been quiet a thing lately and so I decided to add one in this outfit. This bracelet has three little and one big charm on, with individual engravings on each. I like the fact that they are not all the same as you can pick whichever charm you like and make it entirely of your own design.


This is the end of yet another outfit post, hope you enjoyed it and I would really appreciate it if you could check out Feeding the Seagulls, a fun outfit post!

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