Outfit of Choice >> The Stripes are Back

Hey guys!

What’s up? It’s Saturday today and that enough reason to be happy even if you are having a lazy day! Mine has been pretty cramped with two different assignments for uni but I am still holding on and wishing Christmas could come sooner! Today’s post has a pretty laid back outfit that I really enjoyed putting together.


The first item is a Yoins stripped cardigan made from wool with two big pockets on the front. Cardigans in my opinion are very comfortable and are kind of an easy piece of clothing to throw on your t-shirt if you are cold. This particular one has cute colours on, there is a pretty neutral beige colour that blends in nicely with the black, red, grey and brown stripes.
Then, we see a simple short-sleeved top in the colour of tan brown that I believe is available in Peacocks. I liked the colour a lot, because it is such an easy one to match with jeans, with black leggings or whatever else you like! It has a zip on the back as you can see and is a little bit longer on the back than the front.
The jeans are a pair of black regular jeans from H&M and I chose a pair in black because didn’t want to add a regular pair of jeans. I was contemplating adding a regular pair of jeans but then I decided against it and chose a pair of black jeans instead. This is a very basic pair actually that I am sure all of you own and know how versatile they can be. In this outfit I think it matches nicely with the top and the cardigan creating a more casual look.


For shoes, I was thinking if I was going to go with flats or a pair of sneakers. Doing some research, I finally ended up using this pair of Puma x Rihanna suede creepers in the colour of beige brown. I haven’t featured this kind of shoes before and I thought I’d give it a try. I have to say I like them a lot and I will try to include them in more outfit posts.
The bag is from the Cambridge Satchel Company in black with some gold detailing on the buckles. It has the perfect size and also additional pouch pockets on the front and the sides. I pictured this bag with a nice dress and a leather jacket on or with a dress and a cardigan like the one I already showed you.


Moving on to accessories, first we have a gold ring from Zoe Chicco. It has a small circle with a while diamond inside. This piece of jewelry is a very subtle one and doesn’t draw that much of attention and that why I like it so much.
The last piece is a Bolo faux suede Lariat choker that ties around the neck and then reaches down on your chest. At the end it has two metal pieces as an additional accessory.


This is the end of yet another outfit post that I hope you enjoyed! You can also check out Wearing the Blues, another outfit post featuring also a pair of black of jeans.

“Don’t become so blinded by how life should be that you miss your life completely”.



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