Outfit of Choice >> Wearing the Blues

Heyy Peopleee!

Today’s post has to do with another outfit of my choice, which is called “Wearing the Blues”, because of the light blue color some items have. Without further a due, let’s get to the outfit!


The first clothing piece is a pair of washed black ripped mom jeans from Topshop. They are also high waisted with a cool black finish and ripped knees, that make the whole look a little bit more edgy. This pair of jeans can be worn either as high waisted (with the blouse tucked inside), or as a regular pair of jeans, where the blouse is just hanging loose on top of it.
Then , we have a Bonne Maison short sleeve graphic T-shirt from Uniqlo. It’s in the shade of light bue and on the pocket it has little white ballerinas. I liked the fact that it is simple yet it is an intresting choice, if you want to keep your look casual enough, but not too boring.


For shoes, I chose a pair of Superga Platform sneakers in the color of white, to bring out the detailing of the T-shirt.

They are made from canvas, which makes them very easy to wear (especially in this heat), since the prevent your feet from getting too hot. Also, I believe they are one of the most fitting pairs of shoes I could find for this outfit, as I didn’t want to pick another kind of shoe, like sandals for example, because the way the jeans are, only call for a good pair of sneakers!
Next up, is a grey buckle PU shoulder bag, that you can find on makemechic.com

This bag has a strappy design, featuring metallic hardware accent. There are two things I mostly like about it: First, I adore its grey color as it is not too dark, thus making the bag a little bit more appropriate for winter time. Second, the fact that it is a mini messenger bag has me so in love with it, because I’ve always liked messenger bags a lot, but I thought they were too big for a casual evening, whilst this one has the perfect size!


Moving on to accessories, I have three items I want to talk to you about. Fistly, let’s have a look at a pair of Skagen Sea studd earrings that you can find on very.co.uk

Their blue stones were inspired by the wave-smoothed sea glass found off the coast of skagen, in Denmark. They can be worn every day or for more special occasions, considering their subtle elegance.
Moving on, we have a silver Rainbow Moonstone Lotus flower ring. The moonstone’s color in the center, matches the color of the earrings and that of the T-shirt, so I could not find a better match to complete this outfit. The ring is very dainty and simple, in my opinion, that meaning it can be worn even on the simplest occasions.
Concluding, we see a watch from Marc Jacobs, with a black leather strap, which you can find on catchoftheday.com.au

Not all of you may be fans of watches, but I think they are an excellent accessory, and also a very useful one! I agree that not all outfit call for a watch, although sometimes a nice watch is needed to add to the whole look.


This closes today’s post!

I expect that you liked it or found it useful, if not, you can check out my other post The Stripes are Back.



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