Movie of the Week << The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

Hello and happy Sunday to everyone!

Today I couldn’t be more excited about the movie I’m going to talk about! I loved this movie so much and I simply couldn’t wait to review it! It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a movie that much and since I have seen a movie with such an excellent cast, that I was in awe when it finished.
So, without further a due, let’s get started!
Title: The Man from U.N.C.L.E
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Starring: Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Debicki
Director: Guy Ritchie
Duration: 1h 56m
Summary: We find our characters in 1960 when CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) helps car mechanic Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander) escape from east Germany, while KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) tries to get hold of her and kill agent Solo. After a night of relentless chase, the three of them form an unlikely team in order to go to Rome and save Gaby’s father, who is kept by Victoria Vinciguerra (Elizabeth Debicki) and her husband, as they want to force him to make nuclear bombs for them. But not everyone is who he seems and while pursuing the same goal for different reasons, they have to work together if they want to be successful and restore world peace.
(may contain spoilers)
I haven’t seen a spy movie in a long time, so I decided to give it a try with this one. It was one of the best decisions I made the past week. I like this movie so much, that I have already watched it three times! It has the right mix of action, humour, romance and espionage anyone could wish for! Let us not forget that it was directed by Guy Ritchie and his movies are always extraordinary, as he has interesting and innovative ideas whenever he does a project.
Another thing I loved is the cast! I mean, who would not watch a movie with Cavill, Hammer, Vikander and Debicki? Each of them did an exceptional job portraying their characters and don’t get me started on Vikander and Hammer’s chemistry on screen, which was simply on point every single time they were together.
Each of them handled the role given very well and when the actors are passionate about a role and a movie, it is so obvious and the outcome is just a pleasure to watch.
Regarding the story line, I liked the fact that it combined action with humour, because many action scenes had a funny dialogue and while you were at the edge of your seat, you also formed a slight smile. I believe this is something difficult to be achieved, because on one hand the actors have to perform a fight scene and on the other hand they have to nail their lines, in order to have a laughing audience. The only thing a wanted from this movie was for Illya and Gaby to finally kiss, I mean they were so close so many times but something always occured! So, note to Guy Ritchie: They’d better kiss in the sequel!!!
Closing, I highly recommend this movie to everyone who’s in for old fashioned spies and a hint of romance. It will certainly keep you entertained and also shocked, as their secrets start to unravel. It is safe to say that I have found a new favourite actress in the face of Alicia Vikander and Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill once again satisfied me with their performance.
That was it for this week’s movie, hope you enjoyed my review and that you will see and like the movie as much as I did! Also, if you are a fan of Alicia Vikander you can check my other two reviews od her movies, Pure and The Light Between Oceans.
“When you are progressing towards a goal that matters to you and appreciating the steps along the way, that’s a good life – Ruben Chavez”.
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