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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another outfit post, one I am pretty excited to talk about!




First off, we have a black leather jacket from Boohoo boutique. Leather jackets have kind of been my thing lately, as the weather gets colder and black is one of my favourite colours to have in a leather jacket. This particular one has many zippers, even on the sleeves, that help make it look a little bit more accessorized.
Moving on to the dress, we have a Kendall and Kylie Safari dress in burgundy. What I like about this dress is the fact that is short-sleeved and also has two pockets on the sides. The dress is a tight fit that hugs your body perfectly and compliments tour legs.


For shoes, I chose these cute black boots that kind of match the dress. They are from a brand called GoJane and I like the fact that they have heels which are not to high, so that you can wear them in a daily basis if you want to dress up a little bit more. They have a zipper to the side and the strings are used simply as an accessory to make the shoes look fancier.
The bag is like a small camera from SheIn that has silver detailing. I am a sucker for strange bags, because I believe they can change a whole outfit and even the plainer dress or top can look cute with the right accessories or bag. You can also buy this bag in pink and gold, but I chose black and silver as they go better with this particular outfit.


Going to accessories, the first piece I want to talk about is the Humble Chic NY skinny ribbon choker in black. Chokers have been a thing lately and I think in this outfit a choker is the perfect addition as it doesn’t take tour attention from the straps of the dress, but on the same time compliments your neck.
On the same style, I chose a Luisa statement jet ring from Accessorize that has a big black stone in the middle. This is the kind of jewelry that you wear alone, as they don’t need any other accessory to stand out. It gives off a very edgy vibe combined with the choker and the mini dress, and I think it is an outfit combination you are going to love!


This is the end of yet another outfit post, if you want to read another post featuring a cute dress click here.

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