Movie of the Week << Nerve (2016)

Hello everyone!

Today is Sunday and every Sunday I do a movie review for you! This movie is a little different from the one I talked a out last week, in the sense that it is more fast paced and a lot more contemporary.


Title: Nerve

Release Date: 2016

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Starring: Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Emily Meade

Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Duration: 1h 36m


Summary: Nerve is a very popular game of truth and dare, minus the truth. Contestants complete dares in order to win money and become popular among viewers. Vee (Emma Roberts) in an introvert who starts playing the game after a fight with her best friend. There she meets Ian (Dave Franco) and they start doing dares together until events reach a breaking point and Vee decides to quit the game only to realise that this is impossible. Ian tries to save her before things get too out of hand but it seems it’s too late for her.


Likes/Dislikes (contains spoilers): First I want to say that u found the plot pretty original, it was something I had not seen before. I liked it a lot and as I said previously it was a very fast paced movie and kept you anxious until the very end. Also, the story revolved really well and didn’t slack at all, which is something I am always looking for when watching a movie.


Vee was an interesting character to watch as she developed from a complete wallflower to someone who knows her true colours and stand by them. When she fought with her best friend at the middle of the movie I had an uneasy feeling about the whole situation, but I really liked the fact that they made up realising they both were wrong in some parts of their friendship and clearing this up.


Ian was a little complicated character. It took me quite a while to figure him out, I knew he was not a bad guy but there was definitely something secretive about him. Eventually he opened up about everything that happened in the past and it was nice seeing him trusting Vee and building a strong relationship with her. Also, in the ending scenes he was so passionate about saving her that made me quite emotional.




This is the end of yet another movie review, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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