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 Heyyy everyone!

Today is Saturday and we have every reason to be happy! I had a pretty nice day I have to say, I tried to get up early in the morning because the past couple of days, I have been sleeping in and this needs to stop immediately. Then, I met some friends and when I got back, as I was relaxing on my bed, I thought it’d be nice if I wrote an outfit post, so here it is!


First, we have a Marigold crop top in a deep yellow colour. It has overlay details on the front and closes with a zip on the back, to ensure the tightness around your chest. In this outfit I wanted to play around with colours a little bit more, and that’s why I chose it. I like the way it gives the impression it’s not fully tight around your body and and seems to be flowing effortlessly thanks to the overlays.

I was simply mesmerized with the pants and their stunning colour! They are a pair of BooHoo Naive trousers available on BooHoo.com This kind of pants are an alternative to skinny jeans or skinny formal pants, as they still have the vibe of elegance, yet they are very comfortable. Another aspect that I find very interesting is how wide it becomes as it goes down, it is an effect that I think is very complimentary.


For shoes, we have a pair of Aldo pointed court heels in nude. I went with nude heels as I didn’t want to blend in another colour, it would be too much. They are not very high as you can see, thus making them more comfortable to wear even for a long period of time.

The clutch follows suit with the heels regarding the colour and is actually a Prada Saffiano leather wallet with gold detailing. Again, I like the simplicity it has opposite two items with such bold colours and I think all of them make a very well thought outfit.


I was trying to decide if I wanted a necklace or earrings and then I went with the earrings, in order to let the top stand out more. We have a pair of filigree earrings that are from the brand Be Handpicked, I believe. In this look I decided to go with gold jewelry, as I thought that silver ones might make the outfit look a bit more “cold”.

Last but not least, we have a ring from Bling Jewelry that is resembles a gold arrow. It might be a subtle ring but in my opinion you didn’t need anything more extravagant with this particular pair of pants or this top. This ring is cute and has the perfect size in order to stand out, but not take all of the attention.


Thank you very much for reading this post and stay tuned, because tomorrow we have the weekly movie review!


“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop – Confucious”.

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