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Heyyy guys!

As you have already guessed from the title, this is another outfit post, regarding summer clothing. I know that summer is far far away but I refuse to let my summer mood fade, since my favourite season is summer, and so I present to you a summer-appropriate outfit!
The first item is an Alice & Olivia double layer crop top in white that is available on aliceandolivia.com
As you have already seen I chose a blue checkered pair of sorts and I did not want to mix the colors too much and that is why I chose to pair it with this particular top.
It has slim straps and flows around your body, flattering your silhouette in the best way.
Next, we have a pair of shorts from J crew that are light weight and have this perfect summer color.
Another thing I liked is that they are linen, which gives your body the ability to breath better in such a hot weather and makes the sorts suitable for every hour of the day!
I do not know if you can clearly see in the photo, but they also have pockets on the sides, which is something I really fancy on clothes and would totally be a reason for me to buy this pair!
Moving on to shoes, we have a pair of double strap sandals from Aeropostale in the color of semi dark brown. They have adjastable straps at the back, which will secure your feet and won’t let you slip.
Actually, their minimalistic design is what makes them look so nice, because they give them a casual look, yet they can be easily matched with dresses, skirts, etc.
The bag is a Dorothy Perkins crossbody bag that follows the color of the sandals.
It has two seperate parts inside and a tassel as an accessory at the side and one pocket at the front.
I like the fact that it has kind of a buckle at the front, which I think is an extra “accessory”.
What more, I believe this bag is the perfect size to hold all your essentials on a summer day, as you don’t want to have a big and uncomfortable bag.
As I said earlier, I chose a plain top, trying not to outshine the pair of sorts. But, I didn’t want it to be that plain and decided to throw on a boho long necklace from Forever 21.
The necklace consists of three arrows that differ in length and size, as we move from smaller to bigger arrow.
I thought it would be nice as the neck is too empty and the necklace helps to make the outfit look less boring and more elegant.
Last but not least, we have a Chan Luu Mother-of-Pearl bracelet that has multiple leather straps embeded with white beads and pearls.
The leather strap is a lighter brown than the color of the bag and the sandals, but I doesn’t really bother me as it goes well with the necklace.
I liked that is multi layered, because it makes your wrist look fuller and it is an interesting accessory to have on.
We have reached the end of yet another outfit post and I hope you enjoyed reading it!
I am going to close with a beach-inspired quote:
“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood and the sound of outer ocean on a beach”.
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