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Welcome back to my blog, today I am excited to share with you an outfit post, just to make Friday a little bit more fun! Let’s get started!


The blouse is from Uniqlo and has a very warm and nice brown colour. It is a 3/4 sleeve which is a feature I tend to like in blouses, as your wrists are visible and you can wear a bracelet and a watch and easily showcase it. Another thing I like is the subtle details across the bust that make it look a bit romantic, or at least in my opinion it does look like that.

Then we have a Miss Selfridge pair of light wash denim shorts that are high wasted. This kind of denim is the one I prefer the most, as it doesn’t have a very dark colour and it goes greatly with the blouse. You can tuck it in or not, it depends on what look you are going for.

For shoes, I chose a pair of white converse, because they are easy to throw on and also I wanted to create a combination of three colours like they ones shown in the bag that I am going to talk about in a second.


The bag is probably my favourite item in this post! It is from the brand Aspinal of London and is actually called a Mayfair croc tote in white, dark blue and brown. It is a bold combination of colours, because you don’t have that many outfits to pair it with, but I believe if you know how to dress smart it can be a very interesting piece of your wardrobe.

The earrings are little white roses with small silver bids that if I am not mistaken, are pre-owned Chanel. I chose with jewelry, because I think that white hoes nicely with the brown colour of the top.

On the same page, we have a white bracelet that seems to be made from leather and is actually a triple strand band that fastens with an adjustable pull string around your wrist.


This is the end of this post, hope you enjoyed it and may you have a marvellous Friday!

“No matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites the ability and turns it into accomplishment”.

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