Outfit Of Choice >> Pizza Lover

Hello my beautiful friends!!

Today I have an outfit post that I named “Pizza Lover” in favour of a small gold pendant that seemed so cute to me that I decided to make an outfit and include it in!
Εικόνα 1.png
First of, we have a spaghetti-strap top from mango in the color of light pink.
The top is double layered and not cropped, it actually goes down to your waist. I liked the fact that it has double straps on each shoulder, because between the too seperate straps there is a little amount of skin showing, which (in my opinion) is very delicate and nice.
The top can be purchased on mango.com
Next, we have a dark denim skirt from Topshop that has buttons from the waist down and flower embroidery on the sides qand on top of them, two pockets.
The skirt is available on topshop.com
I believe the colour of the skirt is a perfect match for the top, as I like the ontrast dark denim and light pink make and also, the top is the same color as the skirt’s flowers.
I can say that the choice of shoes troubled me a little bit, because I wanted to find a color that would be fitting. I had already decided that I was going to throw on a pair of flats and after thought, as I already said, I chose a pair of white Riverberry “Ella” pointed toe ballet flats, that you can find on Groupon.com
The sole of these shoes is slightly padded and you can also find them in different colors and styles. I picked them in white, because I wanted this outfit to have a romantic glimpse that can be done when you mix colors such as white and light pink.
As for the bag, we have a Robinson messenger bag in the color of New Ivory.
Following the shoes’ que, I chose a white bag with gold detailing, that wil actually lead to pick the accessories in that material too. The bag can be bought on toryburch.com
Moving on to accessories, the first item I am going to talk about is a small Seoul “Pizza” heart charm necklace in gold. It has a delicate chain that is not too long and reaches just below your collarbone.I think it brings out the top more, as your neck is not empty and the charm comes right before the collar of the top.
Concluding, we have a gold Sydney Evan ring that you can find on neimamarcus.com
The ring hugs your finger while spelling love around it and I think is the best jewelry match the heart necklace and also, fits the romantic theme I am going for.
Thank you so much for reading, hope I can give you even the smallest fashion inspiration!
See you in my next post, but until then:
“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path”.
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