Movie of the Week << Effie Gray (2014)

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Today is Sunday and unfortunately this means that weekend is over but it also means that is movie review dayyy, yayy! This week’s movie is called “Effie Gray” and let’s get into the details!


Title: Effie Gray

Release Date: 2014

Genre: Drama

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson, Greg Wise, Tom Sturridge

Director: Richard Laxton

Duration: 1h 44m

Summary: This movie follows the true story of Effie Gray (Dakota Fanning) a young girl marrid to the man of her dreams, John (Greg Wise), or that’s what she thought. John and Effie knew each other since she was a little girl and when she grew up, they got married and Effie thought that finally all her dreams came true. That’s a far cry from the truth, because John was not a loving husband or an actuall husband at all and if you add to the picture his horrble mother you get a disaster of a marriage. When Effie meets a young painter named John Everett (Tom Sturridge) she falls deeply in love with him and with the help of good friends she starts her efforts in order to annull her wedding with John, due to his incompetence…


Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): Those who know me, know that I love a good period drama movie! This one did not disappoint me at all and if you think that Emma Thompson did the screenplay, you easily understand why. I found the story very interesting and the fact that it was true made it even more appealing to me. After seeing it, I did some research about Effie Gray and found out that she managesd to get her marriage annulled, but she was shamed for it from the Queen and generally the whole event was not perceived well in their community, which is something I understand for that time, but still seems cruel to me since her husband was obviously wrong.


This movie was a little dim regarding the colours with few exception, as is mostly the case with period dramas. I loved the acting and the scenery equally but I didn’t see something that blew me off my feet. It was a good movie, enjoyable and made me think quite a lot, it just didn’t go the extra mile for me.


Greg Wise did an excellent job portraying John Ruskin, he made me hate him with all my heart! He was very stern in his approach of the character and towards the end of the movie he bacame so bad to Effie that I wanted her to get rid of him as soon as possible!
Emma Thompson’s character was so sweet and caring and tried to help Effie substantially, something that I think was rare at that times. She was like a motherly figure to her, even though they didn’t meet so often, you could easily see how affectionate she was towards Effie.
Dakota Fanning is an actress very well known and I can say that I like her, but in this movie I was not so sure what was going on with her. There were some scenes that I could not take my eyes off her and some others that I just wished they could end quickly. Maybe this was not her best movie, because I have seen her in others and she has simply excelled!
Lastly, John Everett was a character that cared deeply for Effie and I think noticed her from the very beginning and it was until the last point that made his feelings clear and tried to win her heart. To me, he seemed like her only salvation and reading information about them I was happy to find out that they eventually married and had a bunch of kids together!




This is the end of this movie review, hope you enjoyed it and I would like to read your opinion in the comments!!

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