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Happy Christmas Eve evreybody! I hope that today you are going to have tons of fun with family and friends, eat and laugh your heart out with your loved ones! Since it is the holidays, I decided to do an outfit post semi-formal, that it is fit for you to wear today and visit friends and relatives! So, without further a due, let’s get started!


The first item is a Channel Saint Laurent’s velvet jacket with gold buttons that has a very fine military style. What I liked about this jacket is teh fact that you can wear it with jeans, or pants, or a dress and still be fashionable. It also has a pointed hemline, which adds to this piece and makes it look very edgy.

Next, we see a peter Pan khaki green blouse from Navabi that has a black tie at the front and 3/4 sleeves. I think thet brand is called Junarose and it is one I haven’t not seen before, but I really like this blouse and they way it matches perfectly with the jacket. In my opinion, khaki green, black and gold are a very nice and somewhat formal combination of colours to wear.

Then, we have a pair of FRAME denim jeans in a light colour that are available on Kirnazabete. They are skinny jeans, which is probably my favourite type of jeans, but other than that I wanted them to be skinny since the blouse is quite loose, so I wanted it to make a contrast.


Moving on to shoes, we have a pair of loafers form H&M in black. They are made from imitation patent leather and have decorative tassels at the fronto with some gold bits. They also have subtle heels but are very comfortable and easy to throw on and add a very posh essence to the whole look.

The bag is Natasha clutch made from faux suede in a deep red colour with a gold chain as a strap and further gold detailing. I prefer small bags and clutches, especially if you are going out for a drink let’s say, because they look way cuter and you don’t end up carrying around a huge bag with you.


For accessories, I first chose a rose gold watch from the brand MVMT that has a bracelet instead of a strap. I thought that since the blouse has 3/4 sleeves, it’d be nice to add a nice braceelt or a watch and I went with the watch, because I am a big fun of them!

Lastly, we see a pair of gold earrings from the brand Strange Fruit that resemble a heart as it is anatomically correct. You can buy the earrings on WolfandBadger. I don’t really know why I picked them out, mostly because they seemed like fun to wear with that outfit and because I had not seen a similar pair of earrings before, so they seemed quite extraordinary.


This is the end of today’s post, hope you have fun today and stay tuned, because even thought tomorrow is Christmas, I have a very exciting movie review coming!

“Imagination is the place where all the important answers live”.

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