OOC New Year’s Eve Special >> Blue Lagoon

Heyy people!

So, I decided that since New Year’s is approaching, I could do some outfit specials, giving you ideas about what to wear on New Year’s eve celebration with family and friends. I am definitely planning on doing two takes on these OOC (outfit of choice) specials, but I will try to come up with a third one too, so that you have a variety of ideas to be inspired from.


The most prominent outfit in this post is the dress, which is a Milly Nicole piece available on ShopBop. What draw me to this clothing item is the amazing sleeves that to me, if what stands out the most and the neckline that gives such an elegant air to the dress. It zips at the back and also has a button back keyhole. I believe that with this dress you are going to be the talk of the evening as it compliments so much the complexion of the skin, no matter if you are tanned or not.

The shoes are from Jimmy Choo and are a pair of pointy toe white pumps that strap on the ankle. I thought that i’d ne a nice contrast combining this shade of blue with white, so I went for it. Also, if you are careful enough you will notice that the heel in not that high, which makes the shoes quite comfortable for a night out.


The clutch is from the brand Inc International Concept and is called a “Millie Mirrored Clutch”. I chose the colour gold, because I thought it went well with white and blue and this clutch really caught my eye, as it has a sculptural shape that is not too common for clutches. You can buy in on Macys.

Next, there is an item I am very excited about and that is a gold Wilderness Branch bangle. Having a bracelet among those complex sleeves has its pros and its cons. I think it is nice to accessorize yourself with a nice and dainty bracelet but also, in our case, the bracelet might be lost courtesy of the sleeves. It actually falls to your own likeness, whether you are going to add one or not.


Moving on, we have a pair of Versace gold medusa stud earrings, that I find very elegant. This pattern is one of the most recognisable of Versace and one that looks very luxurious. I chose them to be studs, because I was going to put a necklace withthe dress and I wanted all the attention to be on the neckline.

Last but not least, we see a Cole Haan swarovski gold necklaceĀ that has a simple gold chain that holds a small square crystal in the middle. As I said before, I wanted all the attention to be on the neckline, so I chose a piece of jewelry that would be nice and help you stand out in an elegant way.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope I can give little bits of inspiration whilst you prepare for the New Year! Keep an eye on the upcoming OOC specials!

“Optimists are right. So are pessimists. It’s up to you to choose which you will be”.

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