OOC New Year’s Eve Special >> Looking Girly

Hello friends!

Today is the last day of my New Year’s Eve Specials and I was contemplating whether to do a skirt or a pair of shorts and I ended up going with the shorts, because they are out of my comfort zone and normally I would not wear something like that on New Year’s Eve, I’d play it safe with a dress for example, but I think it is worth trying!


The first item is a lace top from ALC Talia that you can buy on Intermix. I really liked this top, because it is formal without needing accessories and also looks very feminine. The fact that it has long sleeves seems smart, as they are lacy so that you skin will be showing, something that is very appealing.

The shorts are from Gucci and are available on Harrods. They may be classic, i mean who doesn’t own a pair of black shorts, but these ones from Gucci are clearly making a difference by how fine they are made. They are adorned with Gucci’s pearl button, one in the front and one in the pocket at the back.

The shoes bring a girly touch to the outfit with their sweet pink colour. They are a pair of Gilda nude suede pumps that you can find on Lauren Marinis. I chose them mainly because I wanted the outfit to be a little more soft and girly and thought that this was the perfect pair to do so, as they are almost 5 inches high and have a small pointed edge.


The bag is a clutch from Dolce & Gabbana available on Saks Fifth Avenue. The clutch have the same colour as the shoes and a chain strap in rose gold tones. It has the perfect size for all your party necessities and also a gold turnlock flap closure detailed with a small white flower.

Going on with the jewelry, I wanted to incorporate rose gold or nude pink tones to the outfit and that’s why I chose this ring. It is a rose gold piece from Kohl’s that is actually an engagement set, but it was way too elegant for me to leave it out.

Last but not least, we have a pair of earrings from Swarovski. This is one of my favourite brands for jewelry, they make excellent with pieces for every style and likeness. This pair has small rose gold crystal all clustered together to create these dianty earrings taht are available on Lord & Taylor.


This is the end of my New Year’s Eve specials, I hope that you enjoyed and liked them!
Stay tuned, because tommorow is the last day of December, so I am going to post a “Book of the Month” review and on Sunday we have the “Movie of the Week” review. Such a busy week for the blog!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”.


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