Outfit of Choice >> Skater

Heyyy people!

How has your day been? Today I decided to do another outfit post (which you probably guessed from the title), this time featuring a more casual look.


First, we see a blazer in a deep red colour, long sleeved of course. It has pockets on the sides and will adequately keep you warm in cold winter days. I decided to match it with a Willow crop top in black, because I really like how black and red go together. What more, the crop top is very fitted when the blazer is not as much, so they make quite a nice contrast.

Then, we have a grey high-waisted skirt from Amazon that flares at the bottom, without clinging on the body. I like this kind of clothing a lot, as they are extremely versatile and can be easily paired with other items. In this case, the skirt goes perfectly with the top and blazer, making a tricolor combination that never fails to amaze.


Finishing of this outfit, we see a pair of black ankle boots from Yoins. They have artificial suede upper and close with a zip in the inner side of the shoe. They have heels but are not that high, thus being comfortable and easy for you to wear.

The bag is the item I am most excited about. It is from Tommy Hilfiger and is actually a mini truck bag. The fact that it is crafted like a box makes it spacious enough for all your daily essentials and what I like the most, is the colorful faux fur tail, with colours that match the outfit. Lastly, it has a detachable strap so that you can wear it either as a crossbody bag or hand held.


For jewelry, first I chose an infinity necklace from Child of Wild. I thought that the crop top was way too bare, so I decided put a round silver necklace on with sparkly bits, just to make things a little bit more fun.

Last but not least, we see a silver leaf ring from Romwe. It is a very plain ring but I liked the fact that it wraps around your figure in a very elegant way.



That was it for today’s post, hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in my next one!


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”.


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