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Heyyy people!

Today I decided to do an outfit post once again, this time featuring a long coat, because coats have been my favourite thing to wear during this winter season, as they can keep you warm and at the same time you can pull off a very nice outfit!


First and foremost, we start with the coat. It is bright red as you can see with a turned down collar and pockets to the side. I like the way the collar goes, because it allows your sweater or blouse to be visible and this allows you to create different combinations of colour. Another aspect I like is the fact that it is rather long, thus hugging the body and making you feel warm and cozy, whether you wear jeans or something more leg revealing, like a skirt or a dress.

Then we have a brown knit sweater with a mock turtleneck, available on H&M. As I said in a previous post, I am not the biggest fan of turtlenecks, so this sweater seems like the perfect choice. The colour looks nice too, reminding me a little bit of autumn in this winter surroundings.

The jeans are from H&M and are a pair of boyfriend low rise jeans. I liked them mostly because they look so distressed with the rips and all, thinking it would look cool with the coat on, because usually when you wear a coat you tend to dress up a bit, but I wanted to try a more laid back style.


The shoes I am sure everyone is familiar with, they are Adidas Originals Superstar in white. I chose them because they are very comfortable and go nicely with blue jeans, as well as with the coat. Also, you can wear them with multiple other outfits, as they are very versatile.

The bag is a Grace Gordon “Megan” black leather crossbows bag, available on Trouva. It has a magnetic closure and an adjustable strap so that you feel comfortable wearing it. It is not very big, but is quite spacious making it the perfect day bag for you.


Then we have a watch from a brand called Barbas & Zacari which you can buy on PopMap. I liked it’s white and silver simplicity, it looks very minimal and cam be worn on different occasions. For me, a good watch is a timeless piece of accessory and can be added in several different looks and that’s the case with this one, too.

Last but not least, we have a pair of heart shaped stud earrings from Marc Jacobs. They are open in the middle, which is interesting to see on earrings and they are very simple, as is the rest of the outfit. They can be the perfect earrings to wear with everyday clothes, because they do not distract from the clothes, they just all come together nicely.


Thank you so much for reading this post and don’t forget, tomorrow is the weekly movie review.

“You were not born a winner and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself to be”.


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