Movie of the Week << Mr Holmes (2015)

Heyyy people!

Today has been a rough day from the start since we are experiencing one if the coldest winters in years. Normally in Greece the weather is pretty mild even on winter, but this year it looks like we need to be double prepared for the cold. Other than that, today we are going to talk about a movie called “Mr Holmes”.


Title: Mr Holmes

Release Date: 2015

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Starring: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, Hiroyuki Sanada

Director: Bill Condon

Duration: 1h 43m


Summary: This movie follows the story of Mr Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) while he is retired and struggles with dementia. Dementia seems to be his worst enemy as he tries to remember details from his last case, because a woman haunts his mind. This is the reason why he starts writing the story of the case from his own point of view, while he befriends his housekeeper’s son (Milo Parker), who becomes one of his most dear companions.


Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): I am very sorry to say that I did not like this movie as much as I had expected. I am a great fan of Sherlock Holmes, I’ve read the books, I am currently watching the show “Sherlock”, so I thought it be the perfect movie for me. Well, that was not the case. The cast is very promising too, as Ian McKellen has taken the lead in the movie. He is an actor I admire a lot, as he has played many iconic roles with my favourite probably being Gandalf in the “Lord of the Rings” series. He had me from the beginning when I watched the trailer, but it saddens me to say that I found the trailer a lot more exciting than the movie itself.


The story goes in different timetables, there is the present, memories from when Mr Holmes travelled to Japan and memories from when he tried to solve the case of young Ann. We watch a lot of flashbacks, as he tries to remember everything that happened and link them together in order to write his story, while attempting to cure his dementia with some Japanese specimens.

Closing this review, I will not say that I discourage you to watch it. Maybe it did not work out for me, even though I triwd really hard to like it. I trust that if I watched it with a different mood, it might appeal differently. Nonetheless, it failed to excite me and I was bored a lot, but as a favour to the cast, I will try and watch it another time and maybe my opinion will change.



Thank you so much for reading my review and please let me know in the comments whether you like this movie or not.


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