Outfit of Choice >> Velvet Love

Heyyy people!

How has your day been so far? For me it was a pretty chill day, so I decided to make an outfit for days like these, when you just hang out at your’s or at a friend’s house.


First, we have an oversized tee with a velvet texture. It has quarter length sleeves and I like the fact that it not fitted to the body, because it allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, velvet clothing items have been quite a thing lately, so I thought it be nice to have a velvet blouse on a more casual outfit.

Then, we have a pair of yoga pants in grey that you can buy on Kirnazabete. They are very fitted and comfy, and go nicely with the loose blouse, as they make a contrast. They are the kind of leggings that you can wear whenever you want to get out of the house fast, or you have an errand to run and cannot be bothered to wear something fancier.

For shoes, I chose a pair of white Nike Janoski sneakers. My sister thinks that these are men’s shoes, but I believe they are unisex, because frankly I do not see something in this particular pair that would categorize it as a men’s or women’s shoe. I like a lot the way they match with the clothes, they are simple and fun to wear not only with this outfit, but with other outfits too.


Then, we have a black backpack from Mango that I really like how it is shaped. It looks more circular than most backpacks and what more, I like how the front pocket emerges a little bit more from the backpack. I chose it in black, as I thought I had already mixed too many colours and did not want it to look like a colour pallet!

Moving on to accessories, I am very excited for the watch as it is a black Daniel Wellington watch, available on Selfridges. It has silver detailing and a textured NATO strap, that I find very fashionable. I chose it merely because of its simplicity and the way it matched with the clothes on the outfit.

Last but not least, we have a pair of black pom pom earrings from a brand called Bohemia that you can buy on Romwe. They look really playful and that’s the element I actually wanted to add, thinking is something I’ve not done in a while.



Thank you so much for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned, because tomorrow the weekly movie review is going up!

“If you are not excited about it, it’s probably not the right path”.

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