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Heyyy people!

How is your day going? I am in denial the past couple of days, since I need to study as my exams are approaching, but I simple cannot seem to concentrate! I know that in the end I will come around but for the time being I find it something very hard to do Today’s outfit started because I got inspired from the bag and wanted to built an outfit all around her, so here it is.


The top is from a brand called Miguelina and is a mustard crop top that you can buy on The Outnet. I like that way this top looks, because it is very detailed and it allows your skin to show, as it has additional fabric only on the bra.

I paired this top with some shorts from Loveless that you can buy on FarFetch. They are simple black shorts with a leather belt and are high waisted, which I think is why the go so nicely with the crop top.

Then, we have a pair of Valentino flats that strap on the ankle, in the colour of black. I thought that this clothes looks semi formal together, so I didn’t want to pair them with flat sandals. I believe that thesw shoes are the perfect match and also they are a classic item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. They are available on Barneys.


Moving on to the bag, it is a Chloe crossbody bag in black with gold closure and faux gems on the strap that goes on your shoulder. This bag would be pretty basic, if it weren’t for the gems, which add sparkle to the whole look. I think it is a bold choice to wear this bag, but it can also be very intriguing to include it in your everyday style.

The earrings are from a brand called Van Cleef & Arpels, available on Selfridges. They have a gold outline and inside they are white pearls. I like their simplicity and how they bring a vintage touch to the outfit and on the same note, we have this ring from Lord & Taylor that is gold with some diamond bits. The combination if gold and white goes so well and I think that these pieces of jewelry do not outshine the bag, which for me, is the main item in this outfit.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked today’s outfit!

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you do know better, start doing better”.

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(Shout out to Polyvore)


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