Movie of the Week << Burnt (2015)

Heyyy people!

Happy Sunday to all! Although this day is always kind of sad since it signals the end of the weekend, I am partly happy, because Sunday means I get to do a movie review for you guys! This week’s movie is “Burnt” and I have to say, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped.



Title: Burnt

Release Date: 2015

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Siena Miller, Daniel Brühl, Omar Sy

Director: John Wells

Duration: 1h 41m


Summary: Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) is a chef that destroyed his career due to his drug addiction and horrible behaviour. When he is finally clean, he returns to London and makes it his life’s goal to earn 3 Michelin stars in an old friend’s restaurant.



Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): What I liked most about this movie were two things: 1) All the food that was shown and 2) the fact that Alicia Vikander made a cameo appearance. The plot was a good I suppose, but the actors not convincing enough. Also, some times it was so easy to predict what was going to happen that it became boring.



The romance between Adam and Helene (Siena Miller) was so so predictable that even one of the characters predicted it in the movie and after a couple of minutes they were kissing and I was like: “seriously?” It was unnecessary for me, I guess they wanted to make this movie even more appealing with throwing a romance towards the viewers. I would have really liked it if the movie focused more on the return of the Adam as a chef and the way his culinary and behavioural skills developed, than on a romance.


The food though seemed delicious and I liked the vibe of the kitchen, as they were all working together to prepare the orders, it reminded me of a bee hive. It was my favourite part of the movie actually to watch them prepare and serve the food, with what precision the dishes were cooked and the way they corrected even the smallest details.



Generally, this is not a movie I regretted seeing, but I doubt that I’d watch it again. I mostly like Bradley Cooper’s movies, but this one didn’t make the cut for me. An actor that really stood out to me was Daniel Brühl, whom I’ve seen in movies such as “The Fifth Estate“, “Inglorious Basterds” and “Goodbye Lenin“, and he has always made an impression on me and this movie was no different.




Thank you so much for reading this review, hope you liked it and if you have a different opinion on this movie, let me know in the comments.

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