Book of The Month ~ The Woman who walked into the sea

Heyyy people!

May you have a nice month, I cannot believe January has already ended! Actually, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got so caught up with studying for my exams that I completely forgot! Well, you know what they say, better late than never, so here is my review for a book I read through January.


Summary: Cal McGill watches the young woman through the dirty windshield of his Toyota. There’s something compelling about her stillness, about the length of time she has been standing, staring out to sea. What has brought her to this remote beach, he asks himself. Is she a kindred spirit who finds refuge by the shore? Idle curiosity soon turns into another investigation for oceanographer and loner McGill as he embarks on a quest to discover why, 26 years earlier, another young woman walked into these same waves. According to the police, she killed herself and her unborn baby. McGill, the Sea Detective, questions this version of events and confronts the jealousies, tensions, and threats of a coastal community determined to hold on to its secrets.
Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): Generally the story interested me a lot, even from reading the summary I was pretty drawn to the whole plot. I have not read any other work of this author before, I feel it’s something I say on every book review, but it is just because I really like to experiment with different authors. The way Douglas-Home writes is so effortless that you are not tired at all, I felt like that if I had time, I would have finished it in one sitting!

This book is supposed to be a mystery and the writer made a decent effort, but from the 4th chapter I knew who the murdered was. It was perfectly clear to understand what had happened, of course I missed some details like where the body was buried and stuff like that, but you could definitely get the gist of the circumstances. This was so so disappointing, because I was supposed to enjoy the book and hoped the suspense would build up in the finals chapters, but ghat was not the case.

Lastly, a thing that I liked a lot was the amazing descriptions of the Scottish scenery. Really, it made me long for a place I’ve never been to, but I certainly will one day. I liked the atmosphere of the gloomy and mysterious beaches and small towns, so that was good.
Closing, this book was a nice read and after I got over the fact that I somehow knew the ending, I kind of enjoyed it. Unfortunately I am going to give it a 2-star rating, just because I thought it could have a way more unexpected end and not be so stereotypical.
Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in my next post!
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