Movie of the Week << Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

Heyyy people!
This Sunday I decided to do a different movie than the ones I usually do, because a friend recommend it, and I thought I’d do her a favor and review it!


Title: Fantastic Mr Fox
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Starring (Voices): George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman
Director: Wes Anderson
Duration: 1h 27m


Summary: Mr Fox, a retired checked thief moves in an new house with his family, leaving behind his farm raiding days. But, old habits are hard to die and he decided to do a final act: a 3-part master plan, raiding the neighboring farms with the help of his loyal friend, Badger. Things don’t exactly go as planned and now Mr Fox has to find a way to save the whole animal community from the three raging farmers that want them all dead.



Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): It was a long time since I’ve watched an animation movie and I have to say, I pretty much enjoyed it! It was a nice break from all the “adult” movies and the humour was so good, that I almost forgot this movie was intended for kids.


The actors who voiced the animals did a very good job, especially Clooney and Streep! I mean, there’s nothing less you could expect from them, they are both so talented!

As far as the story goes, I liked it a lot and it was very interesting to watch Mr Fox’s character development from a reckless fellow to a responsible hero that saves that day. Also, as I said before, the humour was very good, and it was quite funny watching Mr Fox go back and forth with Mrs Fox.



Another character that I loved was Ash, Mr and Mrs Fox teenage son, who seemed to be a little troubled, trying to find his place in his family. Matters only get worse, when his cousin Kristofferson comes to stay with them, because everyone keeps comparing the two of them and Ash always seems to be the lesser of the two. That changers in the end, when Ash manages to save his cousin and also make his father proud, which is one of the things he wanted more. It was interesting exploring this father-son relationship, because despite them being foxes and not people, the feelings were quite the same to real life.


Closing, this is a very fun and relaxing movie, that I recommend you watch it with family or with friends, as it a very sweet coming of age story, with many action and humor sequences!
Thank you so much for reading this review and stay tuned, because more fashion and movie posts are coming soon!
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.

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