Movie of the Week << Brooklyn (2015)

Heyyy people!

This week’s movie is Brooklyn and I would highly recommend it to you, as it is a very nice film that I enjoyed a lot. But, let’s get to more details!


Title: Brooklyn

Release Date: 2015

Genre: Drama/Romance

Duration: 1h 51m

Director: John Crowley

Starring: Saoirse Ronan,  Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson, Julie Walters

Summary: An Irish girl, named Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), is leaving Ireland to pursue a better future in America and more specifically, Brooklyn. Back in Ireland, her mother and oldest sister await anxiously for her letters. Every start is always difficult and that applys to Eilis too, as she finds it hard to adjust to her new environmment. Her mood lightens when she meets Tony (Emory Cohen), who is an Italian plumber and falls in love with him. Unfortunately, her happiness doesn’t last long, as she learns that her sister unexpectedly died. Eilis desperately wants to go home and grieve with her mother, but before she leaves for Ireland, Tony asks her to marry him secretly, trying to ensure that she will come back to him. Eilis accepts and after the wedding, she goes to her hometown, where she meets a young man named Jim (Domhnall Gleeson) and then her heart starts complicating things…


Likes/Dislikes (may contain spoilers): First, I have to say that I really, really loved Saoirse Ronan! Actually she is one of my favourite actresses, because her performance is always on point, even when she was a little girl.

Her first movie that I saw was “Attonement”, and although she was so young, she managed to deliver her part brilliantly! On “Brooklyn” she had such poise and she approached the character of Eilis Lacey with sensitivity, trying to depict her the best she could. Let me tell you, she truly had me from the beginning, watching even the smallest expressions of her face!


Another thing I fancied, was the beautiful clothes! All the girls were dressed with such finesse, that even when they were supposed to be wearing a simple day dress, I was open mouthed with awe, because of the amazing patterns and clothes I saw.

Regarding the story, I was very encouraged by the strength of all the immigrants that were seeking a better future abroad, even if it meant leaving their loved ones.


Now, let’s move to the things that I didn’t really liked about the movie. Both of them have to do with the storyline, as the movie technically is very good!

At first, when Eilis wanted to go home, because her sister had died, she was already dating Tony, an Italian plumber.
Before she left, Tony asked her to marry him and not tell anyone about it. She wasn’t so keen of marrying him like that, but she eventually agreed.
I understand that Tony loved her and was afraid that if she went all the way to Ireland, she may never come back.
But, I didn’t like the slightly forceful manner in which he asked her to marry him!
I mean, they were in a relationship for quite sometime, he should trust her when she said that she loved him and that she would return from her trip.
I believe that Eilis would want to marry under different, happier circumstances, where the could invite friends and family, and that she wouldn’t have to hide it.


The trip to Ireland allows me to talk about the second thing I didn’t like and almost made me frustrated with Eilis.
While in Ireland, she met (through her best friend) a guy named Jim.
At first, she resented him, trying to avoid his increasing interest. As the story progressed, she started flirting with him, she even went to meet his parents!
They spent so much time together, that the whole town thought they were going to get married!
While all this time, Tony kept sending letters to Eilis, that were never answered.
So this got me thinking: why she married Tony in the first place, when a little time at Ireland made her so forgetful and even unfaithful to him?
To her defence, she didn’t actually do something with Jim, but late night talks in his car are not a thing a married woman who honors her husband would do!
Eventually, she returns to America to find Tony, leaving Jim back in Ireland, heartbroken.


Generally though, I felt very pleased with this movie and I would definitely watch it again! The acting was great, the scenery as amazing and the storyline as a whole was interesting and gave food for thought.



We have reached the end of today’s post, I hope you will see the movie and give me feedback, letting me know whether you like it or not!

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it”.

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