Outfit Of Choice >> Rose Bush

Heyyy people!

Today I am doing an outfit post as you have already guessed from the title, I feel like I haven’t done one in ages, if you consider the fact that my last one was on April 15!
This time, I wanted to experiment with denims a little and especially denim jackets with patches and I think I managed to put together a pretty cute outfit!


Outfit Details

Denim Jacket
Brand: Etre CecilePrice: £295,  Buy: Etre Cecile

Brand: VictoriasWingPrice: $7.99, Buy: VictoriasWing

Brand: Armani , Price: EUR 160, Buy: Harrods

Brand: Chloe, Price: EUR 289, Buy: MyTheresa

Brand: Ted Baker, Price: EUR 189.93 , Buy: Nordstrom

Brand: Trillium, Price: $192, Buy: PearlParadise

Brand: Alex and Ani, Price: $28, Buy: Zappos


Description: So, this outfit is perfect for spring time, as it involves light clothing, which are perfect for the semi-hot weather. I really like denim jackets with patces on the back and I decided to pair this one with a white T-shirt that has a small rose embroidery on the chest and with a apir of lightwashed jeans. As for shoes, I chose a pair of ballet flats in a very light pink colour that I think is so so cute and I went with a black bag that resembles a cat, to spice things up a little. Coming to jewelry, I chose a small heart ring in rose gold tones and a pair of simple pearl earrings. I think they all come together pretty nicely and form a very coll outfit that can be worn either at school or on an outing with friends.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I will see you soon with a movie review!!


“A winner is just a loser who tried one more time”.

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