Movie of the Week << Arthur Newman (2012)

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I hope you are having a great day and I am here to make it even greater with a new movie review!

This week’s movie is “Arthur Newman” with Colin Firth and Emily Blunt and I was pretty excited when I put it on, because Colin Firth happens to be probably my favourite male actor and Emily Blunt is slowly making it to my favourite actresses list. So, I was in for a thrill as it was my first movie with these two together.


Title: Arthur Newman
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Drama
Director: Dante Ariola
Starring: Colin Firth, Emily Blunt, Anne Heche, Kristin Lehman
Duration: 1h 33m

Summary: Wallace Avery hates his life. His is cross with his ex-wife and son and slowly realises that there is only one way to escape all this: to fake his own death. So, he buys himself a new identity and calls himself Arthur Newman. He starts a roadtrip, trying to fulfill his lifelong dream, which is interrupted by Mike, a damaged girl with her own dark past. They are drawn to each other and then the roadtrip changes drastically. They break into empty homes and wear the clothes of the owners, they drink, and take on different identities in order to forget who they really are. While their story reaches its end, they realise that making amends with the past is what will actually heal them and these past selves is what they truly love in each other.


Likes/Dislikes(may contain spoilers):  I have to say, this movie was not what I expected it to be. I have been meaning to see it for a very long time, but somehow I always found something more interesting to watch, until this week! Maybe my disappointment comes from misinterpreting the trailer, I thought it’d be more fun and on the comedy side with some drama scenes. I was wrong, this movie was full on drama, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.


Another thing I have to say is that this was my first movie were Colin Firth has several sex scenes and I was not expecting it at all! I mean, I have obviously seen sex scenes in other movies, but not one with him in it, and I don’t know, it seemed weird to me! Maybe because he was kind of old, like around fifty-something, or… I don’t know it just didn’t went well with me. Maybe you have experienced it too, when you have a favourite actor for sooo long and then he takes an acting job which makes you feel weird about him!


Emily Blunt was doing a great job on the movie and is actually the reason I am going to give this movie a three-star rating instead of a two-star. She was so good portraying the damaged girl with a broken family and addictive problems. Her character, Mike, was what Arthur/Wallace needed in order to realise that the past cannot be erased, only accepted. And he helped her too, deal with her numerous family problems.

Arthur Newman 2

In the end it kind of leaves us hanging, I mean were they together? Did they see each other again or got lost in daily life and trying to restore what’s broken? It doesn’t say actually, and I like to imagine that he found her and they were together ever since, because I can’t believe they were able to forget all they’ve been through and just forget each other!



That was it for today’s movie review, I hope you liked the movie I chose and stay tuned for more posts!

“In three words I can sum up everything I know about life: it goes on – Robert Frost”. 

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